Here we are.

It's a bit strange for me to blog again.
I started blogging in 2006. Posting pictures on Internet. A kind of diary of a 23 years-old lost kid in this big and strange World. So many things to do. So many places to visit. So many stories to tell.

I started photography with polaroids. I remember we stole with my friend full boxes of polaroids at random night events and bought cheap cameras on eBay.

Old polaroids, cira 2006.

 No Facebook or Instagram to show what we did. Only Myspace and blogs. Things were so simple. Going around our creepy suburbs without money and trying to find a cool place to chill and talking about our plans, our scary futur. Internet was just a place to share stuff with your friends, looking at girls you was scare to date and ordering fake Jordan sneakers from China. I remember the name of my 2 first blogs : "My Quake Life" and "Arkansas". They are both offline.

pictures from Arkansas blog.

Few years later I met a wonderful girl and we spent almost 6 years of our life together. We opened a blog. We had 2 cats. You know this story. Blogging turned as a real job and things went a bit crazy. Travels, free stuff and money. We worked with a lot of huge brands like Levi's, H&M, YSL, Microsoft and more. Instagram became huge and a lot of people ran into the game. I met and still meet incredible people from Instagram and my life took a new way.

pictures from Wolves and Bucks.

I am 32 now and I am still living in my little suburbs area. I know a lot of things about Internet and blogging. And I learnt a lot about myself. People like Chris, Adam and Anthony are still bloggers and I love what they do. I think it's my turn to show you what I love. By myself. Again. Trying to be the most honest I can and show you stories. I have an incredible support from brands and I thank all of them for this. Really.

I have now more artistic projects. Taking pictures of myself and my outfits it's great. But I am not just this. I love a lot of other things. And I want to show you them here. This blog. This playground.

I know blogging again means a lot of short nights and panic attacks will come. But I don't care. I have my family, my friends and clients with me.

Still sorry for my crappy english.