The Final, The Classic.

So it finally happened. After months of preparations and sometimes doubts, sometimes expectations, I finally did The Fjallraven Classic.

It's really hard to describe an experience like this. But it was clearly not what I expected. It was better! Personally I think this hike was more like a meeting. With incredible people but also with myself. It sounds strange but I really discovered another part of myself. Before the hike I was full of doubts. I wasn't sure if I could do it. The Classic is one the biggest hikes in Europe, so it's not a piece of cake. It's hard. Physically and mentally. You must be prepared and you must be really ready for it.

There were hard moments. For example when the ground is really rocky. When the rain and the wind smashes your face. When you are frozen. When you are overheated. But it makes the simple things more important. A smile turns into a sunlight. A simple warm tea becomes the most wonderful beverage. You forget all your problems.

I really want to thank Fjallraven for giving me the opportunity to do the Classic. It was an amazing experience. And I can't wait to be back next year, and see again all the friends I met, and the landscape I will never forget. And I hope you too!