How To Sleep ?

Hi guys !

Only 2 months now before the Classic!. I’m actually not nervous - Hiking doesn’t scare me because I love walking and sleeping outside. It’s pretty easy if you follow a few simple rules.. Theses are my own rules so you might think they’re stupid but they help me a lot when 1’m out in the wild. It's a little like my own « hike philosophy ».
First, you have to enjoy the environment that you’re in. It might be Sunny one moment and cold and windy the next so you really have to be prepared for all conditions and make sure you always stay positive! Rocky ground can sometimes be a deterrent and other times exactly what you’re after!. You have to keep in mind you are here for fun, so the key thing is to enjoy yourself and forget about your daily problems.

The second rule is to anticipate. Sometimes, keeping a positive state of mind is not possible. When you’re tired, injured and wet, you can imagine that it's hard to enjoy the situation. So of course the best thing is to try and avoid getting yourself into this position! You have to try and anticipate what’s going to happen in order to prepare correctly. Small details are important - and sometimes this means I have to be the boring guy, For Example; I won't jump in a beautiful river at 6pm because I don't want to be wet and cold before cooking and going to sleep. I know my limits.

This brings me to the third point. Know yourself. You will learn a lot about yourself during each hike. Your limits are real. Nobody can walk for you! So prepare your body and mind.

For the Fjallraven Classic, I had special training with Ton von Grondelle in his Venturix park. This made me want to ensure that I have all the right equipment with me for the hike, especially the tent and the sleeping bag. I’m not really good with tent skills so I need to have a lot of patience. Setting up a tent when you’re tired can be a nightmare if you haven’t practiced, which is why sometimes I sleep outside in a sleeping bag when the weather is okay - but this can be super risky!

I hope you like and take on board this advice. If you need more technical skills, click here (http://www.fjallraven.com/classic/before-fjallraven-classic/preparations) Make sure to read everything carefuly and most importantly never forget to have your own « hike philosophy ».

See you soon in Sweden !