Are You Fjallraver Fit ?

A few months ago, Fjällräven contacted me and asked if I would like to join their summer event: the Fjallraven Classic. After only just returning from the winter edition, my eyes were full of images from the North, and so, the adventure seeker that I am, said yes without any hesitation or even knowing what it was. A few days later I decided to research the Fjällräven Classic. It's in the same place, Lapland, but in the summertime ­- 110kms on foot in pure trekking conditions. Argh! But I said yes, and all I have to do is to prepare and work during Spring. I’ve already braved a blizzard, mushed rebel dogs and even slept in the ice only with a duvet ­- I got this!

So I went to the Fjällräven flagship store in Amsterdam for the official launch of the event and then road tripped that night to the Belgian Ardennes. The goal was simple: learn as much as possible in order to have a nice trek in August and hopefully be able to finish it! The first thing we learnt was how to pack. Not really easy for me as i’m not so good at organising stuff. I try really hard but my bag is always too much of a mess. As you can see on the video... It's only the basics but when you’re a trek rookie like me it's a lot to learn.

The most important things are :
- pack your sleeping bag in the in the bottom.
- pack your parka and other clothes.
- pack your tent after you have removed the poles.

After this you can put all the other stuff in the bag.

See. Basics.

On the first day I learnt two other important things. First, you need really good shoes. Trekking in the nature means you are alone in the wild. No bus, no restaurant, no hotel or just bed. It's pure WILDERNESS. So you need to take care of your feet to move, eat and just survive. The second one is to take make sure nothing gets wet. Always keep your clothes dry. In my situation this was like an obsession, I was never cold. So, my obsession paid off.

Well, these are just a few pieces of advice i’m sharing with you for the moment. I will give you more next month. And maybe this time I will win the challenge.

I can't wait for it to be August so I can walk all around Lapland in the summer. Hopefully I will take great pictures and more so, live a great life experience.

We set up our basecamp at the Mess of the Officiers in Vielsalm during the preparation thanks to Belvilla.