Fjallraven Polar 2015.

It's pretty hard to put words on these pictures.
Last week, Fjallraven gave me the incredible luck to spend one week in Lapland for a sleigh trip.
Driving my dogs across Norway blizzard and Swedish sunny frozen lakes.
Fjallraven Polar expedition was certainly the hardest and the most wonderful adventure I've ever lived.
It was the first time I saw and felt real snow. Sometimes the conditions were really hard but when you are with six dogs running in the night on an endless white surface, nothing else is important. Hunger, tiredness and melancholy go away.

I really want to thank again Fjallraven, IM-A, Primus, Julbo and Olympus for their support.
I really invite you to apply for next year. I think it's more than an adventure, for me it's a way to explore a new part of you, stretch your limits, learn and make new incredible friendships.

North is waiting for you.